PV: I am thankful for Coach Currie


Trinity Rocha

Madelyn Meerscheidt

Madelyn Meerscheidt, Staff Reporter

I am beyond grateful for Coach Currie. He’s very sarcastic and funny which makes him and social studies more fun and enjoyable. I look up to coach very much because he’s just all around a great person.

I look forward to going to his class each day. He puts up with a lot especially our class. Even though he’s a football coach and not my coach he’s definitely a great coach. I enjoy social studies way more than I did last year and it’s because I have a fun teacher to teach me all the interesting material we need, whether it’s by roadmaps, or partner work.

Once again I’m super super grateful for coach and thank him for everything he’s done for his students this year. He always keeps us on task and still keeps the class fun, even if we never stop talking and are super annoying. Coach is by far one of my favorite teacher at Dobie hands down. His shoes are always super cool and he owns like a million pairs.

That’s what makes him unique and fun, his personality is expressed by his style. During tests while he’s passing out scantrons, he goes through everyone’s middle names and it’s very funny.

Thank you Coach Currie. Thank you for being an amazing teacher and always being there for  your students. Thank you for putting up with our annoyingness and constant talking. Thank you. I’m very grateful to have such an amazing teacher. -Sincerely, Madelyn (mady) Meerscheidt