Dobie’s Red Ribbon Week

October 22 through October 26 is Red Ribbon Week. Each day, the students dress up as a different theme. Monday is neon day, Tuesday is nerd day, Wednesday is boot day, Thursday is jersey day, and Friday is pinkout.

Aubrianna Kline, 8th grader, shared her thoughts on Red Ribbon Week. Her favorite theme this week is either jersey day or pinkout.

“ I’m a big Saints fan, so I like wearing their jerseys. I love pinkout because it’s supporting a really good cause.”  

Trinity Norton, an 8th grader, stated, “My favorite themes are nerd day, boots, and neon day.”

As an intro to Red Ribbon Week, students had an assembly called, “When Sean Speaks.” It was about a man who got injured while in a car with a drunk person and got a serious injury.

Norton, 8th grader, said, “The assembly was very moving and had very interesting points like you should not get in a car with a drunk person.”

Madison Spencer, 8th grader, thought the assembly, “ When Sean Speaks,” was inspirational. “It affected me positively because my sister likes to hold her phone while driving and change the music. It makes me feel unsafe.”

Dobie students seem to be excited for Red Ribbon Week and plan to have lots of fun with their outfits.