PV: I am grateful for Mrs. Wetz

Mariana Williams, Staff Reporter

By: Mariana Williams

Dobie News Reporter

I am so super grateful for Mrs. Wetz. She helped me establish the Pride Club last year and that’s really important to me. I really feel like it is my place to make sure that everybody feels kind of in their place and to make sure that they all feel accepted and you helped me accomplish that.

It’s not just the Pride Club that she helped me with. Last year she helped me with my grades in her class and she always made sure I that I got all my assignments in and if I didn’t do well on then she gave a second chance to correct it, and trust me I needed that or I would have failed her class.

Mrs. Wetz is the kind of person who cares about any and everyone. She’s always asking about how someone’s day is going and she’s just really caring. I don’t think I’d be where I am today without meeting Mrs. Wetz.

Dear Mrs. Wetz, Thank you so much for helping me so much last year. I know i was probably a handful,but you dealt with it. I want you to know that I don’t only appreciate because you helped me with the Pride Club,but because you always made sure that I got all my work done cause we both know I barely did any work in your class. So thank you for always helping me. -Sincerely, Mariana Williams