PV: Why Mrs. Harper is my Favorite Teacher

Jonathan Mott

Mrs. Harper is my favorite teacher because her class is enjoyable.

Before the school year started I didn’t want to be in art  because I have taken art at my other school two years in a row, and I get really self-conscious  about my work. At the beginning of the year I didn’t do anything in that but she understood and didn’t give me zeros after I started doing my work after a couple of weeks. If she hadn’t done that then I would’ve failed, even after making good grades the rest  of the quarter.

In art we learn different techniques, like perspective, and different forms of art like painting, and sometimes we do something completely different like using  string to make art.

The class is fun because its art, but also because she is a good teacher. She definitely cares about being the best teacher possible and treats the students with respect.