PV: Why i’m grateful for Mrs Jordiin


Trinity Rocha

Nathan Stanley

Nathan Stanley, Staff reporter

I am grateful for Mrs. Jordiin because she is a very amazing teacher. Her teaching method makes me want to learn because she is funny and nice to everyone. She gives us easy assignments that everyone can do. During whatever unit we are in we always have a fun project that everyone enjoys.

I’m in her first period Pre-AP Social Studies class and it’s always fun walking in with my friend while we mess around until class begins. When the class does begin she always makes a joke and then we begin to work on that day’s assignment.

Currently, in Mrs. Jordiin’s class, we are making a silent film based on the Texas revolution. There are actors helping make the props for the film and prop people helping as extras so that everyone can help in many ways. At the time of making this, we have filmed already and it was super fun. All my friends had had funny parts in the play.

Dear Mrs. Jordiin: So far this year in your class has been fun and I hope that it will always be that way for the rest of the year. As I have already said your class is easy because of the way you teach us. The only thing I have left to say is to have a great life and a happy life. Thank you, Nathan