PV: Is Social Media good for you?


Tavia Gaston

Tavia Gaston, staff reporter


By: Tavia Gaston

People say that teens are addicted to their phone.  10 girls volunteered to not be on Social media on their phone for 2 weeks. Before the 2 week detox, they had no sleep and argued with their parents because they are always on their phone.

When I don’t listen,  I’m on my phone,my mom is always telling me to get off me phone. So one day my mom told me that if I don’t get off me phone that she  is going to take my phone. When I’m on my technology I forget to do my homework and forget to do stuff that she ask me to do. I started failing .


Before the 10 girls deleted social media they didn’t do what they are supposed to do.Their parents think that the social media is annoying and they don’t do the things that need to be done  at home. After the 10 girl from different school volunteered to delete social media for 2 weeks, they said they are getting more sleep and less arguing with their parents. They learned more about their friends and spend time together.