PV: I’m grateful for Mrs.Glasz


Jocelyn McComic

Shania Sapp

Shania Sapp, Staff reporter

The reason why I am grateful for Mrs.Glaz is that she has taught me a lot about history and she is very funny and interactive with her students.


She is a very funny person and the way she interacts with her students is very courteous. The way Mrs.Glasz portrays herself to her students is very professional and funny. What is so outgoing about Mrs.Glaz is how she treats her students like she is there age and their mother. Mrs.Glasz is my Social Studies teacher during 7th-period.

She treats everyone fairly she treats her students like the family she also doesn’t make history like all the other subjects except for science.

When I first came to Mrs.Glasz’s class(that rhymed) I thought she would just be like regular teachers, but as I got to know her she was a really unordinary teacher. When Mrs.Glasz smiles it makes at me and others, the room lights up with joy. Mrs.Glasz also smells really good!

Dear Mrs.Glasz, I just wanted to let you that I’m so grateful that a highly skilled teacher–no person like you takes the time to teach kids history like me. Before I didn’t really know that much history, but when you taught me the history I became so interested in history that I would like to work at a history museum. What I am trying to say is that Thank you so much for teaching me about the history and as I live I will tell many people about the 8th-grade teacher who made my school year. Thanks, Shania