PV: Grateful column about Mrs. Chitta



I am thankful for Mrs. Chitta because she keeps things new and fresh and she isn’t afraid to try something new. Kids can get tired of the same routine over and over until they graduate, but she makes sure that that doesn’t happen in her classroom.

Even though she has chronic migraines, she puts that aside and thinks of her students before anything. You can tell she takes time to plan her lessons, as her class is never boring.

She juggles so many things at once; the schools yearly play (this year it’s a musical, the first musical ever performed at Dobie Junior High! The musical is the True Story of The Three Little Pigs. Every night the audience gets to decide whether the Big Bad Wolf is guilty or not guilty! Go see it and support your fellow Dobie peers!) her classroom, her lesson plans, and her dogs (her children).

She also isn’t afraid to have a sense of humor. She enjoys laughing and joking around with us, but knows how to get down to business when she needs too. No matter what she does, she makes sure that it is done with passion. She is very interactive.

Over all, Mrs. Chitta is a wonderful teacher and I will be really sad when this school year is over, because she won’t be my teacher anymore.


Love you, Mrs. Chitta!