PV: I’m grateful for Mr.Viera


Jocelyn McComic

Anaya Bryant

Anaya Bryant, Social Media Editor

I’m thankful for Mr. Viera because he is very nice. He tries to help me when I need help, he lets me do my own thing. Even when I get in trouble he tries to say stop in the nicest way possible. I know I can be annoying a little bit, but he puts up with it. I feel like he a teacher that I trust, he a very good teacher.

He is very respectful of my time and when my class get really loud, he has to get loud. He helps me understand my work and explains it very well. He always tries to help me when I need it and it’s like all the time. He lets the class have a little free time, kinda. He understands what i’m going though. He is the best teacher i have ever had, I would like him to know how grateful i am to have a teacher like him.He has been there for me in the worst situations ever; he helped me calm down when I get angry and keeps me on track when i get of track and that a lot.

A lot of things to you even know . I know you’re tired and you don’t get a break I know being a teacher is hard. Staying after school and grading a lot of work for al lot of classes. When a friend and I would talk like the whole class period when we don’t mean to you still make sure we are all caught up at the end of class. Your jokes are the best. Thank you for making me smile even when i don’t want to.

Mr. Viera, thank you for always helping me you are a really good teachers and I appreciate you. I know i’m not the best student but I try my best ot be restful to you. I know i can be a bit annoying, when I ask the same question over and over but i try my hardest to try my best. You are the best teacher i have ever, thank you for being there for me. You always help me understand the quiz and to help me stress out more you always make funny jokes that make me smile. Thank you for everything you did i will never forget my favorite teacher.