PV: I am grateful for Mrs. Hemphill


Jocelyn McComic

Sydney Matak

Sydney Matak, Staff Reporter

I am grateful for Mrs. Hemphill. Mrs. Hemphill is a C.I.S. (Communities In Schools) counselor at Dobie Junior High. She works to help students overcome difficulties in school and outside life that may affect them now or in the future.

Her office is decorated with memorable drawings, inspirational quotes, and heartfelt letters (most of which are from students).

She is a very gleeful and caring person to almost every face that she sees. Lots of Dobie students know her because of the hello’s that are given and the smiles that are shown on her face, but there are lots of other attributes of Mrs. Hemphill that make student’s worlds’ light up with joy and exuberance. She is an out-of-this-world counselor and can turn any sad face into a joyful smile that can be spread out for miles.

I had trouble making friends and being social in my first 7th grade year here at Dobie. This affected me greatly because I had no one at lunch to sit with, and no one to talk to when I had something to say. She noticed me at lunch and asked me why I was all by my lonesome. With that one question, she changed my life entirely and I will never forget her acts of kindness.

She then talked to me and introduced me to some new faces, that eventually became acquaintances of mine. She had a lunch group last year that made me interact with others and open up more, and to this day, I am more comfortable with my surroundings and am able socialize with others with little difficulty.

Mrs. Hemphill has a plethora of qualities that make her so unique, amazing, and inspiring to our Dobie students and those that may personally know her.

She takes pride in being a counselor and does her job well. I know many that have opened up to her and listened to her advice and suggestions for problems that take more than one person to solve. She is a great communicator and an even better listener.

Mrs. Hemphill does a lot for our school that make Dobie’s students and staff baffled. I know that she personally pays for school supplies with her own money because she never knows who may need it. She provides lunches as well, to those who may not be able to provide for themselves. This is another reason why I admire her and why many others do so as well.

This year she has groups during certain times of the week where we are able to learn valuable lessons and life skills from her and from visitors that come to our school. I personally love the time when I am able to spend time in her office and make friends. I really appreciate the time she spends with us and being able to interact with us, whether it’s just a greeting or an entire class period dedicated to teaching or helping us with social or life skills.

Mrs. Hemphill is an incredible person, and I am so glad to have met her when I did. She has helped me to become a better version of myself, and to become more social. I will always think highly of her as a counselor and as an individual.

Mrs. Hemphill: Thank you so much for making me a better, and stronger version of myself. You are an incredibly out-of-this-world counselor! I really am thankful and appreciative of the work that you do not only for me, but for others as well. I am tremendously grateful that you work here at Dobie and that I was able to meet you. Thank you so much, Sydney Matak