PV: Growing up as an Army Brat is Challenging

Growing up in a military family may be difficult for some and takes time to get used to. In my family only one family member is in the military was difficult for me growing up because I barely got to see my mom because she was deployed. Also I live with my brother, grandma, and mom. My mom is in the Army and has been in for seventeen years now.

My mom works as a general contractor and for the army and enjoys her job. She has made it all the way from private to E7. Being in a military family means that I should never try to make really close friends because I don’t want to move and hurt them. I have move around six times and i enjoyed every place I went because it was something new.

I have lived in California, Washington,Texas,North Carolina, and Georgia. When I moved sometimes I was sad because there would be people I would never see again and there would be a house I would stop living in. My parents would dread moving because of all the packing and the risk of the movers breaking something.

Being in a military family makes you stronger because you learn not to get sad over friends and that somethings are for the best. 

Also being in a military family helps get you ready for the outside world because all the schools I’ve been to the teachers really care about you. I think being in a military family benefited me mentally and i’m glad that my mom made the choice of joining the Army seventeen years ago.


By: David Hart