PV: Grateful Column


Jocelyn McComic

Lauren Handley

Lauren Handley , Staff Reporter


I am dedicating this article to Mrs. Chitta because she is the best teacher. She’s funny, sweet, has a great personality, and she is very kind-hearted. Mrs.Chitta treats her students with respect and I really like that about her. When I first started at Dobie I was very scared and extremely quiet. Going to theatre I was always scared because I didn’t know anyone and I didn’t know what to expect.

She taught me that  theatre is all about getting out of your comfort zone and meeting new people. Now when I’m  in her class I am not nervous and I have a friends.

I’m always looking forward to her class because she makes all her things creative and fun.   Mrs. Chitta always greets us with smiles and can make me laugh anytime.

Around her I feel happy because she’s super positive. I also admire how creative she is with the work she gives us. Mrs. Chitta really likes to get to know her students and I’m grateful she got to know me.  

Thanks to Mrs. Chitta I have a  greater appreciation for theatre and the history behind it. In her class I’ve learned so much. She has taught me about the Greek theatre and how it originated.

Mrs. Chitta is a very cool teacher who teaches with passion and I’m  never bored in her class. She has built a relationship with all of her students, I’m very happy to be one of them. She is truly an amazing teacher and I love that I can talk to her about anything and everything. Theatre Arts is my favorite class and it’s all because of her.