PV: why I’m grateful for Mrs.Hecox


Ava Hunter, staff reporter

I decided to dedicate this article to one the greatest teachers in the school Mrs.Hecox. She has always been an amazing person. Mrs.Hecox is my 6th period teacher and I wait for that class the whole entire day. It’s my favorite class out of all of them. I use to highly dislike math,but she allowed me to enjoy it.

I am grateful for Mrs.Hecox, because she has helped me with Algebra and understanding it as well as she teaches. Mrs.Hecox is a kind, generous, and highly intelligent person.

She makes learning in her class a amazing experience. I am able to understand and comprehend what we learn. Mrs.Hecox is an overall outstanding person to talk and be around.

Everyone that has her as a teacher loves her Including me. I am able to get help when I need it. Mrs.Hecox’s class allows for a good working environment. When working we are able to focus and ask questions. I feel learning just seems easier in her class.

Thank you Mrs.Hecox for allowing me and all of your students to get the greatest learning experience. As well as having a good time. I feel like I am understanding everything way more than I use too, and makes me feel amazing.