PV: I’m Grateful For Mrs.Wetz


Danielle Vicencio, staff reporter

I greatly appreciate Mrs. Wetz. I miss having her for second period and sitting in her class. Although I usually always got placed behind the tall kids and couldn’t see, but it’s okay I forgive her for that.


Most of the kids in my class gave her a hard time, which I wish I could apologize for because she didn’t deserve that. She was honestly one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.


She was strict, but not too strict…it was the right kind of strict. She seemed to really care      for us. She was very nice and caring, it was nice being around her. I felt comfortable around her.


I still get to see her every Friday, because shes the teacher for my club. It’s not as good as seeing her everyday, but it still seeing her makes my day.