PV: Grateful for my art teacher Mrs.Harper

Kenzie , Reporter

I’m grateful my art teacher Mrs.Harper because she helps me when I need help and she is always there I need help on my artwork.I love how she teach me by not just saying what to do but showing me what to do and what to fix to have me artwork look nice and neat.

The first time met we I honestly wasn’t sure what to think that you were nice or mean I couldn’t choose but when I got to learn more about you I found out that you were nice and funny. This class is one of my favorite classes that I get to go to everyday of the week.I started to love this class because of how good of an art teacher you are and they way you thought the class.My favorite thing I like about your class is that you have artwork  on your walls that you have drawn or artwork that students given you.That really shows that you care about art and the art work we do

When I’m having a bad day my gets better in you class because you make me smile and I get to express myself in my artwork.I just wanted to tell you that you make art better than it already is.

Dear Mrs.Harper, thank you being the best art teacher in the world and making me laugh.I just wanted to let you know that you are my favorite teacher and that I love your class so much and the fun art projects you give me to work on.Your are the best and thank you for caring about me and giving me the best feedback on my art work.