PV: I am proud of my mom’s service in the military


Christian Grant

Christian Grant, Staff reporter

I’m really proud that my mom works for the military.she works really hard at work to take care of me. That’s also why she’s always tired when she gets home sometimes.   

We get to go on base whenever we want to. I get to see jets take off. Tho there really loud I got used to it.

My mom works in the air force. She gets to fly planes, make new pals, and work let’s not forget about work. Lots of work.

My mom also have parties at work so she gets to chill and sometimes bring me some cake when she comes home. But most times she doesn’t and I’m not really surprised seeing what she does at work.

We go to the exchange alot to buy things like tvs, lamps, games, and other things. And you can only go in if you or a family member is in the military.

One time my mom had to go training so I had to stay in Mississippi where my dad and grandma live then she came back perfectly safe.

I wish I can help my mom with the work but I don’t really know these military things so yeah sorry mom.

The one I don’t like about it is that she’s gone and it takes a while for her to come home but overall I like it. Thanks for working seriously hard to take care of me I really appreciate it.