PV: Being grateful for Mrs. DeJesus


Elizah Hamiton, Staff Reporter

I greatly appreciate Mrs. DeJesus as a teacher at Dobie. I don’t get to see her as much as I did last year, but I still appreciate her and want to thank her for being a great teacher.

Last year, I had Mrs. DeJesus for 8th period science class. She was a great teacher and gave us all kinds of ways to learn. Some days would be interactive notes from the board, some would be notes within a group, and some would be mini-projects! She included everything to make sure we had a great time in her class.

Mrs. DeJesus always made the class fun. We had lots of group work, which made the class that much better. We would always get our work done in a timely manner, and we’d be able to talk to our friends.

Mrs. DeJesus was kind to us, and we were kind to her. I could tell that my classmates really respected her. Like any other class, we could get out of hand sometimes, but we usually fixed whatever we needed to.

My favorite part of Mrs. DeJesus’ class was when we did one to two day projects. We would do our ten minute warm up, then go straight into the project. I liked doing these because it helped me understand what I didn’t already know, and I got to work with friends.

Overall, Mrs. DeJesus was just a great teacher. She helped me whenever I asked for help, as well as other students. I greatly appreciate her and everything she did for me. I really feel like I learned a lot in that class.