PV: Why I’m grateful for Mrs. Luna


Jocelyn McComic

Grace Barco

Grace Barco, Staff reporter

I am truly grateful for Mrs. Luna because she is very patient and she helps me not panic or get overwhelmed. When I feel that way she tells me, “Don’t worry everything will be okay.” I feel better after she tells me that and I forget about what I was worrying about and I proceed with the assignment.

It’s always good to know that I have a nice teacher that will understand me. I’m glad Mrs.Luna doesn’t ignore my situation even though I do over think many things. I do get stressed easily and Mrs. Luna helps me through that. She may not realize but the few words she says to me make a difference.

A few weeks ago we were given a homework assignment and I always try to get my work done and turned in on time. My homework was completed when it was due. I got distracted and I forgot to pass it up so it was still in my folder, completed. When I got home that day I checked my folder and realized my homework was still there. I panicked because it is very rare for me to turn in an assignment late. When I told Mrs.Luna she said that I shouldn’t worry. I’m glad Mrs. Luna didn’t count that assignment late and trusted me.

In her class I do panic a lot since it is the end of the day. I always get stressed when I look through my folder and see how much homework I have. While I look through my folder full of work I miss out on the instructions that she told us for an assignment. Then I stress myself out even more which is not good.

The good thing is that I have a wonderful Spanish teacher that helps me and tells me that I will be fine and helps me when I have a question about our assignment. Mrs. Luna always has a smile on her face making the environment in the classroom full of positive vibes. It brings joy and happiness into her classroom which puts me in a fantastic mood.

Mrs. Luna’s classroom is nice and organized. Since she teaches Spanish there are posters all on her walls that have words or phrases that have something to do with our lessons. They help me a lot if I need to find a meaning that can help me on my assignment. There are bits of things that are colorful that are around her classroom.

I appreciate everything you do Mrs.Luna and you really are an amazing teacher. Thank you for everything that you do for the students and for me as well. You are so kind and it makes the environment in the classroom so much more joyful and happy. Mrs. Luna I wish you can be my Spanish teacher all throughout high school since you are the best Spanish teacher I have had.