Letter to the editor- Freedom of the press


Jocelyn McComic

Sydney Matak

Sydney Matak, Staff Reporter

Dear Editor,

Freedom of The Press is one of the most important rights of the Constitution. It gives the press and the media the right to speak their own opinions and to inform the people what is going on in our government. It is legally apart of the First Amendment, which gives us free speech, freedom to practice religion, and freedom of the press. Why would it be a part of the First Amendment if it wasn’t one of the most important rights?

Freedom of The Press gives journalists and the media the opportunity to write, publish, and inform the people about what is going on in and out of our government. It is the journalists’ job to inform us about important events, and what is going on in, and out of our country. Without the journalists and the media informing us about important topics, we would be lost and unaware of what is going on in our own government.

Freedom of The Press is one of the rights given to us by the Constitution in the First Amendment. James Madison gave this amendment to the people on December 15, 1791, along with 12 other amendments in the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights was one of the most significant documents in America’s history that would eventually lead to the adoption of the First Amendment in the U.S. Constitution.

Journalists have received a lot of shade in recent years, all because of the news they report and write articles on. The journalists have even received threats that could cause them to lose their careers. That won’t happen though, because the First Amendment and the Freedom of the Press are protecting their each and every word. This is how important Freedom of the Press is to our country, our people, and especially our journalists.

Sincerely, Sydney Matak