Letter to the editor


Elizah Hamiton, Staff Reporter

Dear Editor,

Journalists are not appreciated enough. We should not be criticized for being the “enemy of the public” (According to President Trump) when we are just trying to help people. Donald Trump is not thinking of everybody’s perspective. He needs to put himself in a journalists mind or a victim’s mind.

Say there’s a news article about a military veteran, and they’re rotting in a nursing home, but the workers don’t care, as long as they get their money. If that military veteran was your dad, you would definitely want people to be warned about the nursing home. But if you were the owner of that nursing home, you may think that journalists are snitching. In reality, we are just trying to help people be aware of their surroundings and give people justice.

Us journalists are the “watchdogs of America”, according to a Boston Globe Editorial. We are here to help. We don’t want to tear apart lives and turn people against each other! We just want everyone to be warned about all of the dangerous criminals and events. If we had terrorists in a certain area, people would want to know.

Either way, we have the right to write what we want. Even if we wrote about news just to snitch, the Constitution protects us and our opinions. No president should be able to take away our rights.

Sincerely, Elizah Hamilton