PV:I am grateful for Mrs.Shick


Jocelyn McComic

Rebecca Ryan

I am grateful for Mrs.Shick, my math teacher. She is a courageous, generous, nice and M&M-loving-teacher. I am grateful for her help and pushing me to who I am today. I am getting good grades on all of my homework and she has helped me get caught up on the days I missed.


One day, I was not passing in her class but just by a couple points away from a 70 but she gave me a couple extra papers and more notes for a computation test the next day. It wasn’t the best grade I could get but I was passing with a 75 the next day and that is still a good grade kind of.


I am grateful for her help and I hope you are too. She was also my sister’s teacher when my sister who is now in college went here. My sister said she was a nice and kind woman to her and she is glad that I got her. My sister also had Mrs.Wetz and she is happy that she can help me with both homeworks from them and that i get good grades from not just them, from all my teachers.


Dear Mrs.Shick, I hope you see this know that I have a lot of respect for you and that you are a great teacher to me and from my sister, Maggie Ryan. I am grateful for you mostly because I have improved in math and wouldn’t have been able to have passed some test. Do not stop doing your methods and the way you teach. -Rebecca Ryan