Personal view: I am grateful for Mrs. Irle


Jocelyn McComic

Arianna Fisher

Arianna Fisher, staff reporter

Dobie Jr. High is a big school with lots of amazing teachers. Every teacher is helpful to every student. I have changed schedules and seen new teachers but one teacher stood out to me. Mrs. Irle is helpful, relateable, and caring to students.

I like Mrs. Irle but some people don’t understand that she tries really hard  to keep us all behaved. She is here when she doesn’t feel well but no matter what she shows that she is happy.

She helped me when I had a very hard time on an assignment, and she told me about what happen to her when she was a student. She says stories about her kids or  just past classes. All of the things she says to the students is important.

Mrs. Irle does not get mad at us when we fall behind or have late work. She is a very organised teacher. When we are absent or lost our work she has a spot with all the extra papers, and she has different spots if we are pre-ap or regular. She even has different spots to turn in our late or absent work. The late goes on top and the absent goes bottom tray.

She shows that she cares about all the students the same  by helping all and show what you did wrong. Mrs. Irle is a nice and helpful teacher.