PV: The Importance of Veteran’s Day

Trenton Urbina, Staff Reporter

PV: The importance of Veteran’s Day

                          By:Trenton Urbina

Veterans day will always be a major part of U.S.A history. It’s a day of honor, respect and loyalty. A day where we can relax and enjoy the people who have served in our military. A day that deserves more respect than it normally gets. A day where previous war veterans can relax and think about what they did to honor our country.

Veterans day, or as it has been previously known as “Armistice Day”, began on the day of November 11, 1919 or also known as the first anniversary of ww1. Congress eventually agreed that it would be considered a national holiday. However it wasn’t thought of to be a real holiday until 1938. In 1954 the holiday underwent its name change from Armistice day to Veterans day. Later on in 1968 it was officially moved the the 4th Monday in October. The law went into effect in 1971, but in 1975 president Gerald Ford returned Veterans day to November 11th due to the importance of the date in American History.

Other allies of the u.s also take part in Veterans day, such as Canada, England, France and Australia . Canada follows the format in Remembrance Sunday or the second Sunday of November. However in Europe it is often common to have a moment of silence at 11am every November 11th.

The men and women who serve our country come from all different origins and stories. Some are parents, Grandparents, Children, Friends and even neighbors. Of the living Veterans as of right now, Sixteen million of them have served in somewhat of a war or physical conflict.  5.2 million of them are serving in peacetime at the moment. Two million are woman. Seven million have served in the Vietnam war. 5.5 million have served in the Persian gulf war. Of the sixteen million veterans at the moment about 558,000 are still alive from WW ll. Two million have served in the Korean War.

These are just some facts and reasons why I think Veterans matters not just on Veterans day but also every day. In my eyes Veterans are the unspoken Heroes of our country. “In war the hero’s always outnumber the soldiers 10 to 1.”    

H.L. Mencken



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