Letter to the editor


Aaliyah Simmons

Jose Bemudez

Jose Bermudez, Staff reporter

Dear Editor,

I don’t know why Trump says that the press is the enemy. We have the right to give news about what is going on in world according to the U.S. constitution.“It’s disgusting fake news,” said Trump while giving his speech. I have an opinion about Trump to do of why you news is fake. It might be that he doesn’t want to look bad for his “reputation.”

Ok enough about my opinion, let’s get back on our topic.”Press are not the enemy” like the article stated is true. We only give the truth about what’s happening in the world from our trusted source. Freedom of the press helps ensure our freedom so the people can do something about what is happening in the gov’t,president,etc. I hope you enjoyed my letter to you editor


Jose Bermudez