PV: Mr. Viera

Kates Brewster, Copy Editor

There are many teachers here that we are all grateful for, some more than others. The teacher that I appreciate the most is Mr. Viera. I have him as my science teacher this year and I couldn’t have asked for a better person for the job.


When I walk into the classroom, all my stress disappears because everything seems so relaxing. My class is quite small compared to the other classes he has and some of my friends are there too to make everything more enjoyable. Mr. Viera always gets to the point for his lessons and breaks it down to the simplest form so everything is easy. He also has a lot of funny jokes for us. At least I think their jokes…


Mr. Viera is witty, crazy, and fun when it comes to almost everything. He likes to think of himself as the Mad Scientist and has an awesome lab coat to further proclaim this name. It looks like a bunch of paint was splattered on him one year.


I really hate it when the bell rings and we have to go to our next class. My teacher is much fun and I wish I could stay forever.