PV: Ms. Lesczynski: A Teacher I am Thankful to Have


Aaliyah Simmons

Katlyn Thomas

Katlyn Thomas, Staff Reporter

I am thankful to Ms. Lesczynski because she’s always there to help me even when I ask a plethora of questions. She’s almost always in a good mood, and is always willing to help when you have trouble comprehending the material.

This is important to me because though being nice to students and helping them do well in school is there job not all teachers do this. Some are rude and they make you wonder why they chose to be a teacher as their career or they seem to expect more out of you then they should.

My favorite thing about Ms. Lesczynski is that every day when I come into class I say hello to her and before I leave for gym class every day I say goodbye and wish her a good day, and as long as she hears me, she always responds. While this may be a simple gesture that seems minuscule to most, it’s important to me because it shows me that she cares.

I also enjoy how patient she is. ELA is one of my worst subjects, so having an English teacher I’m not afraid to talk to is a life saver. In ELA while I love reading writing has always been the part I get stuck on. I’m slow in writing personal narratives, but I love writing fantasy as long as I’m given a worthwhile prompt. I have trouble with realistic fiction but I’m better at it than with expository. That’s why a kind ELA teacher is especially necessary.