PV: Why I’m Grateful for Mrs. G


Aaliyah Simmons

Aaron Garcia

Aaron Garcia, Staff Reporter

I am very grateful for Mrs. Gonzales at Dobie Junior High. I have known her almost half my life and she has always been there for me. Mrs. Gonzales is an amazing staff member. Even though she doesn’t teach any core classes she has always been there for everyone and puts smiles on everybody’s faces. A lot of students like her because she is very kind, helpful, selfless and nice.

What Mrs. Gonzales means to me personally is special because she is always there for me, really kind to me, social with me, and helps me when I may need help. One of the biggest things that I think about for what she does for me is when I miss the bus. She said that “if you miss the bus in the morning or afternoon im here for you.” That may not seem like a big deal to other people, but to me that really means a lot! Not a lot of people would drive a student that’s not even yours to school because he/she is late. Mrs. G has a really big heart that everybody in this world should have.

One of the biggest things I have not mentioned is my trust in her. I really trust her with what I say, giving things to her, and telling her what’s happening in my life. If something bad is happening in my life I’ll tell her and i’d trust her to not say anything to anyone else. She also helps me with whatever problem I have and maybe she will even give me advice on how to handle it.

There are a lot great things about her. I can go on about how amazing of a person she is, but I can only say so much. Thank you Mrs. G for everything and I really appreciate it. We are all extremely grateful to have you here.