PV: I am thankful for Mrs Garcia


Reagan Pena, Staff Reporter


I am thankful for Mrs. Garcia because she is the first math teacher that makes math more interesting in my life.

When I first met Mrs. Garcia I thought that she would be boring like most math teachers, when we did our first math unit I thought it would be so hard because I’m in 8th grade, but it was really easy and throughout the year it’s been really easy in math for me.

I am really glad that I get to be in your class this year, I always hated math because it was very boring to me and very hard but that was before I met Mrs. Garcia. Mrs. Garcia helped me understand math more than any other class.

I am hoping to get at least a B in her class by the end of the year. Mrs.Garcia really makes math more easier for me. I feel like I connect with her more than any other math teacher that I have ever met.I am really grateful to have Mrs. Garcia in my class she made a huge change in my life with math; I thought that i would never get math in my entire life.

I had never understand math really well because in 3rd grade my teacher wasn’t really helpful and he got fired. From third grade until now, Mrs. Garcia is the first math teacher who I could really understand. That is why I am thankful for Mrs. Garcia, thank you Mrs. Garcia for helping me understand math than any other teacher.