PV: Why I am grateful to Mrs.Behnsch


Aaliyah Simmons

Jose Bemudez

PV:Mrs.Behnsch is my because you help out student in need of understanding the assignment. You also do fun things with the class like tell stories and have the the dobie dollar drawing. You teaching the class how to code is awesome. You also give us chances to get a better grade of a summative assignment like k the time when you told the students to fix something on their personal website. I feel that your classroom will help me in life to get a job or career somewhere when I pass collage.


Your class lesson of coding are fun and I like how you are learning as we learn during the lessons. I want to work hard and be a good student in your class for the year. My goal for this year was to create a little rolling arm with the things that I want to make for the disabled. The problem solving lesson gave me a new point of view about coding,because it taught me about that there are going to roadblocks when I code and when a problem is going to be harder than the passed units.


This unit I want to make a game that is a survival game because I want to make something complex,but not too complex. I know I have more things in the future that I must learn,but I know it will be worth it in the end with the things I learn in your class. I know that the units will get harder and harder as the class goes. I know with your help and support I can pass you class with a score over a ninety. You are my favorite teacher because of all of the reason I told you. Thank you for me learning in your class.