PV: Why Im Grateful for Mrs. Behnsch


James Ahrens

PV: I’m grateful for Mrs.Behnsch

By:James Ahrens

Dobie News Reporter

I’m grateful for Mrs.Benhsch because she is always super sarcastic and tends to mock her students in a really weird voice. She is also not super strict or annoying like most of my other teachers. Also in her classes we normally get to talk and she doesn’t mind. Another thing is that she doesn’t like yelling at anybody besides the kids who never stop talking. In her class we get to have fun coding or making some sort of scientific thing like bottle rockets or like motor boats.

The way she is always in a good mood is good to be around. Every time her phone goes off she like to answer with “Hello, San Antonio Police Department” and everybody laughs. Also she will answer with,  “Grandma, is that you?” Overall, she is the absolute best teacher.