PV: I’m thankful for Mrs. Santos


Julius Torres, Staff Reporter

Mrs. Santos is one of my favorite teachers at Dobie. I’ve had her this year and last year for art, and it was my favorite class. She is a very amiable teacher who has a lot of sensational projects. She’s taught me how to sew a stuffed animal, and she showed me what I could do with clay. Her art is very commendable, and I’ve had a lot of fun doing her projects.

Although her projects were made for fun, they’ve been a stress relief for me. Whenever I’m in her class, I ignore all the pain that’s in my head. I put aside the shadows in my heart and put all of my focus on the projects. I once did a clay model of a Demogorgon to represent all the bitterness I had inside of me. I felt like all the demons were put in that one statue, and it made me feel glorious.

Mrs. Santos is honestly a very impassive teacher. She’s very creative, and she inspires me to do my own projects at home. One time, when we finished our sewing unit, I was curious about what it would be like to sew clothing. When I went home, I started to experiment with fabric and I made a pair of gloves. Although they weren’t the greatest gloves in the world, I had a lot of fun making them.

I really enjoy Mrs. Santos’ class. Although the students can be a pain sometimes, it’s really fun. I’m grateful for Mrs. Santos. I’m sure doesn’t know it now, but she’s had a pretty big impact on my life. She’s helped me with a lot of pain that I had last year, and I’m going to miss her when I go to high school.