Letter To The Editor: Ryan Maurer

Ryan Maurer, Staff Reporter

Dear Editor,

Freedom of the press is what separates America from countries like North Korea and Cuba, because if the press was being controlled by government and it was showing us what they want us to see than we would basically have all of our rights taken away. Freedom is what built this country. It’s what made the colonists come here for, and it’s what led us to succeed from england. Freedom of the press is what makes America the land of the free that the founding fathers dreamt of.


The press is necessary to our society. It always tells us the truth,wither it’s good or bad the press will always supply you with information. The press isn’t your enemy it’s your friend


The press is here to serve us, the regular people of society, not the government. Journalists write articles for us, reporters report for us, if they were corrupted by the government and became their puppet then that would be the end of America the land of the free.