PV: Why I’m Thakfull For Ms. Rosario


Aaliyah Simmons

Ryan Maurer

Ryan Maurer, Staff Reporter

V:Ms. Rosario is team 8-2 science teacher. Science has been a walk in the park ever since she’s joined. She has made science fun and enjoyable, which is saying something.


You get the sense that she actually care if her students are learning or not. There was one time where she wanted me to take a test the next day after because I was absent for two days that unit. It filled me with joy to have a teacher that cares about my grade.


Ms. Rosario always tries to give examples that we would understand when a topic that we’re learning is getting too complicated, for example when explaining Newton’s laws she gave the example that it would be harder to push a sumo wrestler than another student.


That’s another thing, she’s is an extremely hilarious teacher. A lot of other teachers try to be funny and hip, but Ms. Rosario is already Genuinely cool. There are times where she makes us burst out laughing with her jokes; they always seem to lighten up your day.


Ms. Rosario is a great teacher, she somehow gets the students who usually fail science class to understand and learn the subjects. To top that all off she’s is also extremely down to earth. Ms. Rosario doesn’t get enough credit and recognition, so here it is; Ms. Rosario is one of the best teachers in this school.