PV: I am grateful for Coach Adame


Aaliyah Simmons

Zachary Thigpen

Zachary Thigpen, Staff Reporter

Last year Coach Adame was my favorite teacher of the 7th grade. Granted, I had her for college and career, it was not the class I liked, but it was the way she taught the class. The work was quite boring, yet Coach Adame would give it to you straight, saying things like, “I know it’s boring, but work is work.”

Free time/discussions were always fun. We would talk about what we think on things and Coach Adame would tell use her thoughts. She would tell stories about softball, other schools, and even old drama. It was times like those when everyone could laugh, that was when the class would be fun.

Coach Adame knew what it meant to make a boring class interesting. Reading through a book can be fun, but you know what makes it better? Reading a book with the whole class and making jokes about it every 5 minutes. Even if it took a whole period to get a chapter done, it still did not feel boring.

I write this to convey the message that even if a class is boring, the teacher is what makes it interesting or not. It does not have to be movies every day or what not, it just takes personality and some quality jokes. Coach Adame has both, and that is why I am grateful.