How Dobie Jr. High Students keep themselves Entertained

Trenton Urbina, James Ahrens, Darius Williams, Staff Reporter's

How Dobie students keep themselves entertained.

By: Trenton Urbina, Darius Williams, James Ahrens

Many kids at Dobie jr. high are constantly falling asleep in class and we are  curious to find out what they do with their day that makes them tired, energized, happy So we asked certain people what they do to keep  themselves entertained around school.

The responses were sometimes strange other times they made sense.the first person we interviewed was Jose Bermudez. We asked him some questions like what shows do you like? He said “I enjoy the office”

ash” we got many people who named those specific titles.

Another question we asked was what games or activities do you enjoy?

A Lot of people said the enjoy reading most said Fortnite and others said

Hanging with their friends.One of the things a student mentioned is “ I Enjoy helping the staff in the office and I want the school to be more educated, I hate when people fall asleep in class.”

I asked Jose about his electives and he said ”Journalism is my favorite because I love to be involved in the school and all the staff.” He also liked his coding class because he likes and wants to become a computer coder or engineer.

Another person we interviewed was Raelyn Jernagin. She mentioned “ School has never really been that fun to me. I’ve always tried to stay positive