PV: Mrs. Wetz is an awesome LA teacher and here’s why

Caleb Mouser, Staff Reporter

Mrs. Amour Wetz is a teacher at Dobie Junior High, or more specifically, she is an LA teacher. I have only been attending her class for 3 weeks, but so far it’s proven to be one of my favorite classes. When I was younger, my favorite subjects were math and science, and I always hated Language Arts. I mean all the writing and grammar, no thank you! I did love reading though, and still do.

One of the great things about Mrs. Wetz’s class, is that she takes that love of reading, and makes you enjoy it even more. She also makes writing and even grammar fun!

My point with saying all this, is simply that I used to hate Language Arts, but Mrs. Wetz helped me see how really, LA isn’t all that bad. Mrs. Wetz is very kind, and even when I when I make mistakes, she is forgiving. She also doesn’t load you down with homework like some teachers do. And that is something I am definitely grateful about!

I’m honestly sad to think she’ll only be my teacher for only a year; I sure hope whoever I get in the 8th grade is as great as her, because Mrs. Wetz, is an awesome Language Arts teacher!


Thank you Mrs. Wetz, for being the best LA teacher I’ve ever had! I wish I could say more about what an awesome teacher you are.