PV: Why I Am Thankful For Mr.House

aaliyah brawley, staff reporter


                                           By: Aaliyah Brawley

                                           Dobie News Reporter

Mr. House teaches applied math for 8th grade students at Dobie Jr. High, and I appreciate him for many reasons. If you’re one of the people who don’t know who Mr. House is, here are the things you need to know about him, He’s a very good person… he does not only help students with their math but he also helps them through what’s going on in their personal lives.

I always go up to him and ask him for advice, if something is going wrong in my life I go to him… or if I think i’m gonna react to something in a stupid way I tell him. One thing about Mr.House is he’ll always be real with you & always gives good advice.

Mr. House is a good person to be around, because he tries to motivate you to do the right thing… even if you don’t want to. Everytime I do something I might regret in the future doing i go up to him and tell him what has happened, sometimes he might catch me before I even do it. Mr. House is like a second dad to me he makes sure i’m okay 95% of the time and these are the reasons I am thankful for him

Mr. House thank you for being there for me not only being a great teacher but a great person, thank you for always giving me advice even if I don’t like it … Thank  you for trying to help me be a better person. Love, your favorite, Aaliyah Brawley