PV: I am grateful for Mrs. Hecox


Ava Normandin

Shanel Marlowe

Shanel Marlowe, Staff Reporter

I am thankful for my math teacher, Mrs. Hecox, because she is a great teacher who is inspirational and caring. Throughout my life, I have had eight math teachers and Mrs. Hecox is the best math teacher I have ever had.   

Math is a really frustrating subject for me but Mrs. Hecox makes it a lot better by making the lessons fun and teaching well. She comes up with ways to get it stuck In your head so you can remember it for test and homework.

Mrs. Hecox is also very inspirational. Mrs. Hecox has inspired me in so many ways. Last year, I did not understand math lessons because i never asked questions. I depended on my dad to help me and explain it to me when I got home. This year, I don’t rely on my dad for help. I pay attention more. Mrs. Hecox makes sure all students understand the material before moving on.  My homework assignments and test grades have increased significantly because of Mrs. Hecox. She provides us with math reviews to help us prepare for the test. Mrs. Hecox is also very caring.

Mrs. Hecox is the nicest  teacher I have ever known.  She pushes all of her students to do their best. I know we frustrate her sometimes but she never gives up on us.  She holds us accountable. If we don’t turn In our homework on time, we have to write a note and explain why. If someone is having a terrible day, she talks to them and makes sure everything is okay.

Mrs. Hecox is the best teacher of all time. She makes learning fun and easy.  She uses unique techniques to help us learn the material. She is also very inspiring.  My math grades have increased and I am more confident. Lastly, she is very caring. She brings out the best In all of us.