PV: Thankful Column- Mrs. Chitta

Tristan Vaughn, Staff Reporter

My favorite staff member here at Dobie is Mrs. Chitta. She is different than any teacher I’ve had. Theatre is my favorite subject, and a good teacher to go with it is amazing. She isn’t like most teachers, she laughs at jokes instead of yelling at us for making a joke.

She’s one of the nicest teachers that I have, and she doesn’t baby us. One of the funniest parts in her class was when we went to film in her class for a theater project in Cougar Time. Her actual Cougar Time was all 7th graders. There was someone in my group named Cayden Dake. There was also another Cayden in her Cougar Time. She did her cougar time attendance, and when she got to the Cayden in her Cougar Time she said his name, and the Cayden in my group said here. She told him she wasn’t talking to him, but she was talking to the one in her Cougar Time. She said the kids name again, and Cayden said here. Again. She told him not him. Again. This happened about three more times, and on the fifth time she picked up a pen and threw it at him. He looked so confused, and it was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

She doesn’t care when my group takes something that should be kinda serious and we turn it into a comedy that people laugh at. Most teachers would yell at us for it, but she doesn’t. These and many more reasons are why Mrs. Chitta is my favorite staff member at Dobie.