P:V Why I’m grateful for Mrs. P.J

Amiah Briseno, Dobie News Staff Reporter



Thanksgiving; holiday for giving thanks,showing appreciation, and counting blessings.

This year at Dobie Jr high I was asked to write a letter to someone in the staff that I am thankful for. I chose none other than Mrs. P.J


There are many reasons why I chose her, for one she’s always positive and energetic especially in the mornings , even if she’s had a bad day or late night at the college she’s always in such a great mood , and I couldn’t thank her enough for that she makes everyone’s day better. I can truly see she has a passion for her profession and a strong love for the students she teaches .


 Another reason I’m thankful for this marvelous teacher is because she puts effort into making sure we all know exactly what we’re doing and how to do it . For instance , when we come in in the morning she gets right to work with detailed instructions .


I’m very glad I got to meet such an awesome teacher this year I’ll always remember her from the enthusiasm and excellence she gives . May the rest of the year be filled with many more laughs and special moments with her .