Music Review: Twenty One Pilots Return With Their New Album Trench


Katherine Pruden, Staff Reporter

After a year long break Twenty One Pilots has done something no band has ever done before. With dropping their new album they changed the world of music and storytelling for good.

Twenty One Pilots signed off through cryptic tweets on twitter the month of July, the picture of an eye shutting with lyrics from past songs in the foreground. The last tweet was showed the lyrics from a hit song Car Radio, reading the lyrics ‘Now I Just Sit In Silence.’ It was a shock to the Clique, Twenty One Pilots devoted fanbase, when the band went silent. Towards the end of April the Clique hunted down an even more cryptic website they dug up through source codes.


The website has been titled the Dema website. Dema was a place Tyler created, it’s a prison guarded by nine bishops, Nico, Andre, Keons, Sacarver, Listo, Vetomo, Nills, Lisben, and Reisdro. Each bishop represents something in the prison of some people’s minds, for example Nico represents the worst of the worst, Depression. Nico is the origin of the character from the groups last album, Blurryface. Blurryface was the character that represented Tyler Joseph’s insecurities. When the band returned, they dropped two new songs, one, a music video for the hit song Jumpsuit. The song cleared up a lot but it also opened a lot more windows for the Clique to theorize.


The video was the first to a three part story, the order went Jumpsuit, Nico and The Niners, and Levitate. Jumpsuit was Tyler’s first attempt to escaping Dema, he got far but in the end Nico dragged him back. In this video we saw the introduction of Nico, Nicolas Bourbaki, his full name found in the new song ‘Morph.’ Nico had dragged black paint over tyler’s neck, hinting towards the creation of Blurryface. In Nico and The Niners Josh Dun, the other half of the two man band, came with a group dressed in yellow. This group is known as the Banditos, they helped Tyler escape his imprisonment. In the video for Levitate it showed the Bandito camp, as they celebrated the last clip showed Tyler being taken once again by Nico.

This video collection, dema website, and so much more leading to a story, it’s difficult to keep track of it all. Not to mention the confusion of the character Clancy, This character was a big deal on the dema website, yet, when asked about it Tyler simply asked, “Who is Clancy?” This was a shock, some are suspicious that the website is fake, others are trying to track down more clues. One theory suggests Clancy is in need of help. Take a look at the lyrics from Chlorine, the fifth track off of Trench. “Sippin’ on Straight Chlorine,” a repeated line in the song, could be seen as “S O S -Cl.” The chemical chlorine’s atomic symbol  is Cl, which was Clancy’s signature on the notes he wrote and were found on the website. The most recent note was when the boys broke the hiatus, describing Dema as “…Not my home…” and, “…simply been the place that I’ve existed…” This goes to put emphasis on the fact Clancy isn’t a prisoner of Dema to the point it’s his only home.

With the new album Twenty One Pilots didn’t only come up with a great storyline, they gave a song about one of the most dangerous things in the world. Something to stop the belief that they glorify suicide. The song Neon Gravestones is by far the heaviest song to listen to, it talks about how our culture glorifies suicide, how it becomes engraved in our minds that “…An earlier grave is an optional way..” To be in a world where when someone of the celebrity world kills themselves they get the attention they needed before they passed on. It’s also stated in the song suicide could be the revenge towards people who have hurt them, letting them know that the death was on their hands. Neon Gravestones is my personal favorite, it states things that only some people, like myself, would truly understand.

This is only a small fraction of what Twenty One Pilots can hold in this album, there’s still theories floating around and questions that have yet to be answered. If you find yourself interested in this story it will take a lot more to understand, especially if you don’t understand what you’ve seen here today. Even if you don’t understand the lyrics the music could easily pull you in. That’s why this beautifully crafted album is such an inspiration to people everywhere.

Welcome To Trench ||-//.