PV: I Am Thankful for, Mrs.P.J.


Ava Normandin

Colin Howard

Colin Howard, Reporter

My favorite staff member here at Dobie is Mrs.Preyor-Johnson, or as we call her Mrs.PJ. She is so understanding, and caring. Mrs. PJ never gives us homework. If you have a article that’s late she will give you more time to finish it.

I love how she greets us when we walk in to the classroom. It’s such a warm welcome to start the day off right. Whatever we’re doing it’s always on the board, so we always know what to do.Mrs. PJ is always there to help. Not sure on the instructions? She’s always there to help. Mrs. PJ gives loads of time for every assignment, so we never worry if were going to finish on time or not.

Overall  she’s my favorite teacher, and I wish I took journalism last year!