PV: I am Grateful to have Mrs. Irle as a math teacher.


Ava Normandin

Jasmin Quiroz

Jasmin Quiroz, 7th grade Editor


I am grateful to have Mrs.Irle as my math teacher. She helps me understand the homework if I don’t get it. When I stay after school on Thursday for tutoring she always helps me. She makes sure that everyone is safe.She will talk to you personally and she won’t embarrass you. If there is a problem she asks you if your fine. She makes you laugh and makes you enjoy the class.

She lets her students go outside, and do their homework outside of the classroom while she gives the answers to the students that do have their homework. If you finish the homework it is counted as late because you were supposed to have it done.

She cares for us. She helps a lot of kids get the homework even if they are not her students. She will listen to you and help you with personal stuff, if your having a bad day she will make you laugh.

We sometimes get off track but we get back to work. She lets students help each other on the homework and we learn from each other.  If we need help on something she will help us personally.