PV: I am thankful for Mrs. Ruhd


Ava Normandin

Katherine Pruden

Katherine Pruden, Staff Reporter

I am thankful for my counselor here at Dobie, Mrs. Ruhd.


Mrs. Ruhd has helped me since 7th grade when I was dealing with a lot of problems, and to this day she still helps me. Whenever I would need a mental break she lets me do that. For any staff member to do that for a student is something that makes the student feel special; it makes me feel special.


Although Mrs. Ruhd has a lot on her plate she always makes time for students. I’ve had a lot of times when I’ll sit in the counselor’s office and she’ll stop what she’s doing to help me out of my mental pit.


Mrs. Ruhd knows a lot about me, more than a lot of staff members probably should, yet the environment we speak in is always safe and comforting. If you get enough time you can talk about your story from birth and she’ll be accepting and supportive the whole time. Which is another thing I appreciate from her, how supportive she is.


I’ve had her help me through a lot of issues; I wish I knew better ways of saying “thank you,” but I can only hope this works as a way.


Dear Mrs. Ruhd,

Thank you for everything you do for me, you have helped me and supported me when I’ve needed it and I feel more comfort in talking to you than most students. I’m very glad that you are my school counselor and I’m thankful for all you do for me and other students in the school.