PV: I’m very thankful for Mrs.Behnsch


Mariah Biache, Staff Reporter

By: Mariah Biache

When I was in 7th grade last year my teacher for college and career was Mrs.Behnsch. She is one of the teachers I will never forget.She would always share the most interesting stories about her personal experiences and would help many students. She definitely connected with each and every student. That is why I am so grateful to have been placed in Mrs.Behnsch’s classroom last year.


Mrs.Behnsch is my favorite teacher because she would always tell us all the things going on throughout school and sometimes even the school’s history. One of my favorite things overall was all the different kinds of stories she shared with us. One of the stories I won’t forget is one of her friends boyfriend was about to propose to her. The boyfriend had a whole big proposal plan. The friend’s mom knew about the proposal and texted the boyfriend some information about it, but the mom accidentally text her daughter instead of the boyfriend! So the whole plan was ruined. The storytelling was based off of everything we were learning and that was definitely the best part.

Now I see Mrs.Behnsch every Friday for Club Connection. I get to talk and share thing with her in “I am second” and it a way to stay connected with her. Getting to go to that club is even more exciting to go to, because I get to see my friends and see my favorite teacher. I get to talk about Christ with everyone and with her. Also, I see Mrs.Behnsch every few months in the morning at NJH. She helps each and every one of us to get involved in school and outside of school for the community, with the help of Mr.Patel.

She always did tell the most interesting stories. I will definitely miss Mrs.Behnsch as I go off to high school next year, but I definitely won’t forget her.