PV: Grateful for Mrs.Garcia


Silvia Makori

Dean Slater

Dean Slater, Staff Reporter

Mrs. Garcia is probably the best math teacher I have had ever in my 9 years of education. She is really nice and when she is teaching I understand what we are learning about.


I went from having 60’s to 70’s on math tests to having 80’s, 90’s, and   occasionally 70’s. I even got a 100 on my first test which surprised me. When I enter Mrs. Garcia’s class I enter ready to learn and I am excited.


Mrs. Garcia has a really good energy and is always happy. When she is teaching she doesn’t sound like a robot, but she is very enthusiastic when teaching, which makes learning fun and also helps so I don’t get bored and start falling asleep.


She shows she wants her students to pass and be successful and that makes me want to work hard and pass. I am very grateful for my awesome math teacher Mrs. Garcia. Thank you for reading.