PV: Social Media Detox

Sophia Jackson, Staff Reporter

A Good Morning America video told the story about 10 teen girls on detox from social media like Snapchat and Instagram for 14 days which to me seemed interesting. When I had first started to watch the video it had seemed that the girls seemed worried about what they might miss.

In the video the mom’s said how they felt when the girls are always on there phones and not getting anything done. They say that they were always upset with the girls because they would never get anything done. For example they wouldn’t get there chores done or get there homework done.

In the video they had the girls vlog every day too see what was happening how they were acting without there social media. They all have been saying that they have been able to sleep more and able to know that there is more to do outside from your phone.

At the end one of the parents said that they had seen improvement in there kid and the parents agreed. One of the girls were hesitant to reinstall the apps.

What I did like was that when one of the girls said that she’s going to take time away from her phone on on regular basis that most of  the girls agreed with her.