Pv: 14 day social media detox would be great for teens

Jenna Contreras Garcia

                    Social media is apart of a teens day-to-day life. Snapchat, instagram, facebook…etc. We use it to contact our friends and see where they’re at or what they’re doing. It’s sometimes is a positive thing,   but it can be a negative. A social media detox(a cleanse) will be good for some teens whom are on social media. It gives them a chance to step away from the screens and helps them focus on what’s really important.

Good morning America  did a detox with 10 random girls, from different schools. At the beginning the girls were a slight hesitant about the detox. They had some worries,like not being able to tell a friend happy birthday or showing off what they’re doing. By the time the girls were done with the detox. They all had similar results. Some said they slept a lot better and some aid the got more work done. But there were some negatives to this experiment. One of the girls said that when she hung out with her friends it was a little hard. “I had to be the one that was saying lets get up and do something fun.” explained one of the girls.

I believe a social media detox would strongly benefit teens everywhere. It has such a positive consequence on your social media use. I try not to use it as much and spend time with my family and friends more.