PV: why I’m grateful for Mrs. Ruhd


Trinity Rocha

David Spink

David Spink, Staff Reporter

Mrs. Ruhd is a Dobie counselor, she does a lot of things around the school like going to classrooms and helping out at lunch, and then she helps all the kids that feel bad and makes them feel better.

Mrs. Ruhd was my counselor last year and was really nice to me the first time we met, she even let’s me go to her office to just cool off if I’m having a bad day. I think she’s the best counselor because she’s pretty laid back and just really nice and easy to talk too.

Usually if someone’s having a bad day they go see Mrs. Ruhd and she makes everyone feel happier and not as bad.

Whenever I go see her she’s very kind and always ask, “how’s your day? Is everything ok? Wanna talk?” She’s a very good listener, and whenever I talk to her she makes me feel relieved and not so stressed.

I always see her in the hallways and she always says “hi” and “how’s it going and that always brightens my day, and just makes me feel better.

I’m really glad that she’s here at our school, because if she wasn’t here then I would have no one to talk to at school if I’m feeling upset, and i’m really grateful that she’s here for me and all the other students.