PV: Gratefulfor Mrs. Luna

Sophia Jackson, Staff Reporter

I am grateful for Mrs.Luna. She is a very helpful teacher, Mrs.Luna is easy going, kind and caring she always encourages us to work harder, get better whether it’s with spanish or college and career. Mrs.Luna is very understanding and easy to talk to when you need anything.

When I was new to this school I was not sure what to do, and I knew no one at this school, but Mrs. Luna helped me through it. Since then I’ve been grateful for her and the help she has given me.

Mrs.Luna has inspired me not to give up, no matter what. She helped me when I was falling behind, and ever since then I have personally been inspired to keep moving forward and not to give up.

Thank you Mrs.Luna for everything that you have done for me and I hope that others see what you have to offer.